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Who We Are

We are an expert team exclusively of AI Engineers.

Brainstorming, Architecture, Programming Languages and Tools ...

all focussed only on AI


Transport Intelligence for Rapidly Growing Cities

Urban AI

What We Do

Building AI Module For Softwares

AI Product Development

AI Architecture & Data


AI Consulting

Prototype to Production

ML Algorithm Research


Solving problems across the world

— Hisham Al Khudairi


"The most amazing part of Scientist Technologies was the R&D work they do and the brainstorming sessions and how they convert it to come up with a great results."

Meet The Team

Anurag Priyadarshi

AI Lead - Consulting, System Design

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Sagar Kishore

Data Engineer - System Architecture and Data Pipelines

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Syed Moula

AI Engineer - Computer Vision, Deep Learning

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Shivaraj Mulimani

AI Engineer - NLP, Anomaly Detection

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Delivery Lead

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(+91) 991 669 5156

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Ground Floor, Indiqube Penta, Richmond Rd, Bengaluru, 25

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