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The difference that we bring is picking up bleeding edge tools and algorithms (at times published days ago) and yet making sure that it's stable in production environment, reliable and scalable.

We have also invented our own algorithms for very unique problems and shared them over seminars, workshops.


At Scientist, we foresee a world driven by scientific temperament and innovation. We see challenges being more global and  universal, concerted effort to overcome the same. We want to facilitate research effort and the adoption of findings through business incentive. We want to weave together science, business and public policies for equitable human progress.


We are a team of passionate AI Engineers


Anurag Priyadarshi

Founder & Lead AI Engineer at Scientist Tech | Urban AI

Anurag is a AI product developer, who works on developing end-to-end machine learning solutions for automation across industries.From a system engineer at infosys to the founder of AI and Machine learning company he expanded his horizon in the field of Data science,Business consultancy ,AI & Machine Learning.

Being a member of Association for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence(AAAI) and with his 10+ yrs experience being a data scientist,analyst and a consultant he is now leading scientist technologies with his unceasing passion of bringing  AI and machine learning to the best of its use for all type of industries.

Sagar Kishore

Data Engineer - System Architecture and Data Pipelines

With 3+yrs of experience in building data pipelines, data analysis and on various machine learning techniques sagar is contributing his expertise as a data engineer and data scientist. He started his career as a software engineer at Accenture and from then he is broadening his skills on Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Python, R Programming, SQL, AWS, Spark ML, Tensor Flow, Keras, Data Lake, ETL, Data Visualization, and Computer Vision.


Syed Moula

AI Engineer - Computer Vision, Deep Learning

Syed has a successful background delivering projects on-time ,his first project was a Human Resource Portal which he developed for the company Pion global pvt Ltd. Being an AI engineer he loves to do experiments through his flawless code and creative design.His passion for deep learning and computer vision is finely illustrated by his expertise which includes PHP, MySQL, Django,Bootrap, Jquery,Linux,HTML,Python to name a few.


Shivaraj Mulimani

AI Engineer - NLP, Anomaly Detection

Shivraj is an AI engineer with an experience of working in the burgeoning field of Artificial Intelligence for more than 2 years. He started his career developing software applications for robots and now designs Neural Network for Traffic Analytics- Road Safety and Traffic management Software.

 Having a strong engineering foundation this AI engineer has worked in analysis, design and development of AI solutions in domain like Cyber Threat Intelligence, Online Fraudulent, Algorithmic Trading, Surface Transportation safety and security.



We believe in collaborations. With indepth scientific backing from academia, robust engineering expertise from open source and social impact analysis from research foundations, we strive to bring out the best. For everyone: businesses, public sector and societies.


AI being our only focus area, we have been among the very first AI only service providers in India (and the world). We have catered to over a dozen clients globally and hence are familiar with implementation challenges that our customers face. We have invented our practices specifically for the management of AI projects

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