About Us


We are a team of machine learning programmers, data engineers and strategy analysts. We carry no weight of legacy which is our biggest strength. We are fresh, we are unconventional and most importantly we do what we are passionate about. 

Our team is skilled in data science, complex algorithm design and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning consulting. We have delivered radical solutions, and we have delivered them fast. We largely attribute these accomplishments to the unique blend of skills we bring together as a group. 

International exposure enables us to factor in nuances of geographies and gives our work a global outlook. This has also made our practices, in a very brief time, of the highest standards.

What helps us to be better is an inclusive and encouraging workspace. With our openness to change, feedback and learning-from-failure approach, we improve ourselves with every passing moment. Our zeal for shaping the future with the power of AI and delivering meaningful impact to all strata of the society is unwavering and unrelenting.

Founding Team

Kabir Kaul(Komal)

A technology consultant with hands-on in solutioning, writing techno-commercial proposals and managing project bids. Effective communicator with practical knowledge of sales and marketing funnel. Actively involved in managing business functions and strategising new market entry.

Anurag Priyadarshi

An AI product engineer working on solving problems using machine intelligence,  having experience in different roles ranging from developing data science solutions with academic foundation to business consulting.

Eshan Das

Lead Data & Application Engineer with strong background in implementing AI based solutions, Eshan looks after all the stages of product development – the architecture design, data pipelining & protection, security, development and deployment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses and agencies with latest AI research to tackle the hardest problems.

Our Vision

At Scientist, we foresee a world driven by scientific temperament and innovation. We strive to nurture a culture of scientific research in our endeavour. We believe in concerted efforts to overcome the global challenges by innovation. We want to weave together Science, business and public policies for progress of the society.


We are a team of machine learning programmers, data engineers and strategy analysts.We have no legacy… and that’s our biggest strength we do what we are passionate about, question the status quo and are fresh and unconventional. Our team is skilled at data sciences, algorithms and consulting. We have delivered radical solutions which have been accomplished only because of the unique blend that we bring as a group.

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We Work Galaxy, 43, Residency Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025


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