Senior ML Engineer

Sr. ML Engineer


Bengaluru, India



  • Developer: Active development and solution building
  • Mentor: Mentoring ML Engineers
  • Brainstorming: We get new prospects frequently, so we need the engineer to be able to brainstorm with us and create approaches and solutions for given business problems. We expect the person to be a “jack of all trades” in the ML domain. A person who has experienced the breadth (multiple areas, if not all) of the ML domain like – computer vision, predictive analytics, clustering, classification, visualization, neural networks, deep learning, NLP, etc. We do not expect the person to be an expert in any one of the sub-fields, but must have an idea about the different sub-fields.


BE/BTech (3-5 years industry experience) or MTech (AI/CS) (2-3 years industry experience)

  • 3+ years Machine Learning experience
  • 3+ years of Python experience
  • Mandatorily should have implemented ML solution(s) that is/are live in production
  • Knowledge of ML Solution Design and building from scratch is a plus
  • Strong enthusiasm to work in Start-up environment
  • Should be able to join within 60 days


Maths and Stats

  • Grasp of Basic Statistics, Hypothesis test, etc.
  • Ability of understand mathematical equations in research papers
  • Good understanding of the math behind ML techniques like SVM, etc


Machine Learning

  • Good understanding of machine learning concepts: regression, classification, clustering
  • Concepts of Image processing, computer vision
  • Familiar with deep learning principles like deep neural nets, conv nets, recurrent nets etc
  • Should be able to pick up different applications and industries like chatbot, recommendation engine, manufacturing automation, transport optimization



  • Strong grasp in Python numpy, pandas, matplotlib is a must
  • Basic understanding of application frameworks, APIs, Server-Client, Django is a plus


Hiring Process

If your resume is a good fit for the above requirements, we will confirm your selection for the Coding Round via phone or by email

  • Coding Round: A Hackerrank Coding challenge will be sent to you via email. The challenge will not contain any ML programming, but is for checking the basic problem solving ability using Python.
  • ML Round: Based on the Hackerrank Challenge results, a call will be scheduled with our AI/ML lead. In this round, he and you are going to discuss in-depth about your prior experiences around ML and Data Science. You are encouraged to ask anything in return like about your career growth, upskilling, what kind of projects to expect, or any other question that you might have.
  • ML Challenge Round: Based on the above discussion, an ML challenge will be sent to you via email. You need not write any code for the challenge, but need to create a crisp “solution approach document” that will contain flow diagrams, data pipelining, short descriptions on approaches, which algorithms and functions can be used and any other information which you might find important to make the other person understand.
  • Final Round: We will invite you to our office to meet the team and to have a look at our setup. The final round will be mostly a discussion around the “solution approach document”. Post which, we will have a non-technical discussion around salary, leave policy, etc and finally roll out an offer.



We are a team of machine learning programmers, data engineers and strategy analysts.We have no legacy… and that’s our biggest strength we do what we are passionate about, question the status quo and are fresh and unconventional. Our team is skilled at data sciences, algorithms and consulting. We have delivered radical solutions which have been accomplished only because of the unique blend that we bring as a group.

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