Cyber Security

The cyber threat landscape has changed drastically and fast. Cyberattacks have been continuously growing in number and evolving in sophistication. The attacks are only going to get more destructive in times to come. It will become mandatory for online businesses to be equipped with bare-minimum cyber defense mechanisms sooner than later. Machine Learning can help alleviate this situation. It can help businesses better analyse trends in cyber attacks and be the first-responders to such attacks and security threats. As Machine Learning algorithms are trained on datasets to identify malicious intents over networks and how to react during various such situations, a lot of cyber threats can be avoided. At the same time, the mechanical tasks carried out by cyber security forces can be automated. 

Detecting Anomalies Using AI

Any malicious behaviour can be suspicious

Machine learning techniques can be used to find anomalies, it is mainly about identifying malicious activity or entities; which can be anything from trojans to hackers, attackers, malware,, etc. 

                                   How AI Can Help

  •  Give powerful insights using behaviour mining techniques. 
  • Provide real time predictions with Accuracy.
  • Lower response time and low false positive rate.
  • System corrects itself and learns from your feedback thus increasing the effectiveness.
  • It can help in switching from rule based to ML driven approach.

AI in Intrusion Detection

AI can help monitor and identify undesirable and malicious network traffic. It can help moving from the signature based systems where a set of rules are used to determine what constitutes undesirable network traffic by monitoring patterns in that traffic.

                                      How AI Can Help

  • Provide more flexibility in identifying signature patterns.
  • Help in Prioritising Alerts
  • Low false positive
  • Provide tolerant pattern recognition.

AI In Spear Phishing

Current techniques are not capable and reliable to stop the spear phishing as they tend to be slow and inaccurate exposing users to risk. The best way forward to beat these attacks: Artificial intelligence algorithms trained by a huge data set of emails. Powerful Machine learning algorithms can be leveraged to identify minute differences and flag a seemingly harmless email as a spear phishing attack.

                                                 How AI Can Help

Algorithms will be continuously trained to classify key features like email headers, grammar, subsamples of body-data, punctuation patterns, etc. These  algorithms will then match the pattern, behaviour and technical indicators of the false sender of any given email with the data set of the actual sender.

Incident Management Using AI

Leveraging AI the primary function of the triage team can be automated to trigger the assignment process.

                                          How AI Can Help

  • Incident Identification, logging as per category and assignment as per priority.
  • It will reduce the response time and augment analysts effort.
  • The engagement will be high with filtered incidents.
  • Low cost per incident.
  • Low false positive rates, High action rates.

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