Providing a personalised experience to your users, using cutting-edge data science algorithms is not exclusively in the hands of retail giants anymore. With Reco-Sys you can have the best recommendation system in the industry for your store too.

How Reco-Sys Knows Customer Interests?


By analyzing important events on your website like products customers viewed, categories they browsed, time spent on the product, items added to cart and many more…

Catergory Clicks

Categories your customers viewed

Time Spent on Products

Which products interest them more

Items Added to Cart

What does their cart tell about their interests

What is the impact?

Higher Conversions

Upto 10% increase in conversion rates

Higher Revenue

Upto 20% increase in revenue

Increased Cart size

Average Order Value increase by upto 18%

Lower Bounce Rate

Upto 11% reduction in Bounce Rate

Not to mention Modern Store Outlook, Warmth in User Experience, Increased Customer Stickiness

How much will it cost me?

The FIRST MONTH IS FREE. No conditions applied

You are only charged 3.50 USD Per 1000 Impressions powered by Reco-Sys.

How do I make Recosys work for my store?

Step 1: Automatic installation

On Successful installation your e-store will be automatically loaded with sales-boosting features:

  • Related/Similar Products
  • Recommendations based on your customers’ session
  • Inspired by customer’s browsing history
  • Suggestions based on cart
  • And many more…

Step 2: Auto-pilot or Total Control

Recosys keeps tracking whether its recommendations are generating sufficient revenue. If not, it switches to the next best product that matches customer interest. This way it keeps on trying to find better recommendations to increase revenue.

However, if you know that something is, for sure, the right recommendation,(may be based on seasonal trends or your business goal) you can promote that type/category. So you can either leave Recosys on autopilot, or take total control.

Step 3: Fine Tune the Look and Feel

Just like product selection, Recosys automatically picks up the right color and font scheme according to your theme. Should you feel any changes are needed in look and feel, you can go the ‘styling’ panel and do your little visual doodling. No Coding Required!

View demo in live website

Step 4: Done! You are all set!

Now you can go back to looking into other aspects of your business while Recosys works for you. Just keep visiting Recosys Dashboard from time to time. You can see how many visitors clicked on Recommendations, its performance and most importantly the orders and revenue generated through Recosys.

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