Retail and E-Commerce

Ecommerce has found a strong foothold in all the markets/geographies it has tried to penetrate in. The rapidly changing e-commerce is changing continuously with the change in the customer behaviour and the advances in technology. To adapt and cater to the changing dynamics of the market, businesses have to adopt to the latest technologies to get the competitive edge and give solutions that solve customer problems and minimize the operational cost. Technological advancements that leverage data, machine learning, artificial intelligence,augmented reality are reshaping various aspects of e-commerce ranging from providing intelligence-powered shopping experience,increase conversations,managing marketing campaigns,predicting product demand and optimizing supply chain and logistics etc. We at scientist technologies have a extensive/deep understanding of the e-commerce space and know the solutions for the pain points of the businesses that can provide them unprecedented profit by incorporating them in there ecosystem.  

Intelligent Customer Service-Chatbots( Conversational Commerce)

Chatbots can handle all types of conversations, from helping customer to make a decision to buy a product to tracking the delivery of the product or registering and addressing a complaint. Our chatbots incorporate machine learning which have proven to improve the service system. Apart from conversation with customers, our chatbots can take care of social media tweets and posts. 

We have developed a chatbot for one of our clients based out in GCC. for more details please check out the case study.

Personalised Product Recommendations

Recommendation engines can upsell/cross sell to provide much more accurate and compelling suggested results, increasing conversion rates and revenue with better customer satisfaction. Our models analyse the navigation and behavior information gathered from the customers and guide them to right product recommendations and the products that they would love to purchase. 

We have developed a product( Recommendation System)  for the Shopify store. For further details please click the button.

AI in Inventory Management

Utilising Artificial Intelligence in inventory can yield impressive results for the business. The key Business improvements are :

  • Higher knowhow on how demands and turnovers move – deeper insights and accurate forecasts
    Deep learning can be used to maximize inventory optimisation thus increasing profitability and mitigating inventory related losses
  • Better stock management insights and suggestions by taking hundreds of parameters in consideration
  • Round the clock monitoring
  • Automatic timely alerts

Return Management Using AI

Leveraging AI in return management, retailers can reduce return rates and maximize recovery on returned items. The key business improvements that can be achieved are:

  • Better customer profiling
  • Lowered fraud rate
  • Root causes and detailed analysis behind returns
  • Insights and patterns to demystify reasons behind returns

We are a team of machine learning programmers, data engineers and strategy analysts.We have no legacy… and that’s our biggest strength we do what we are passionate about, question the status quo and are fresh and unconventional. Our team is skilled at data sciences, algorithms and consulting. We have delivered radical solutions which have been accomplished only because of the unique blend that we bring as a group.

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