Smart city solutions

Computer vision and deep learning provide next generation traffic management by actively engaging with traffic in real time. City wide systems can continuously monitor for accidents and violations, saving precious time in such emergencies. As we speak, AI is revolutionizing transport and logistics in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Redwood.

Traffic Analytics

The footage captured by traffic cams, can be used to deploy adaptive traffic signals, based on traffic flow in real time. This will increase junction throughput and minimise wait time for commuters

Traffic Violations

Speed tracking and detection vehicles and vehicle type  allows us to report various traffic violations such as traffic signal violation, over speeding, wrong way and no entry for special vehicles

Road safety

Constant and automated monitoring of traffic aids in detecting accidents quickly to raise a notification or dispatch help. The data collected can be used to predict accident prone areas.

Smart Parking

Computer vision is used to detect empty parking spaces. As the spaces become available it will be assigned to a waiting car who will then be directed to the spot.


We are a team of machine learning programmers, data engineers and strategy analysts.We have no legacy… and that’s our biggest strength we do what we are passionate about, question the status quo and are fresh and unconventional. Our team is skilled at data sciences, algorithms and consulting. We have delivered radical solutions which have been accomplished only because of the unique blend that we bring as a group.

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